National Coal Mining Museum

(L) Headstock and (R) winding engine at the National Coal Mining Museum, outside Wakefield. The museum is built around the site of the former Caphouse colliery. It was a drizzly day during the school holidays (late August), so we shouldn’t have been surprised that the colliery tours were fully booked!

(L) Former showers and (R) locker rooms. The changing rooms had distinct “dirty” and “clean” sides, linked by the shower, allowing the miners to keep their filthy work clothing in a separate locker from their normal clothes.

Sherburn Hospital

The charming Sherburn Hospital, originally built in the 12th C as a leper hospital and now a residential and sheltered housing community for elderly residents of the Durham diocese. The site was open to visitors as part of the Heritage Open Days.

Durham’s Missing River

Pictures from a walk in early September to the west of Durham, exploring the diversion of the River Browney after the last Ice Age.


A literal “pitfall” created by mining subsidence.

The ruins of Beaurepaire Priory, built in the 13th C as a retreat / retirement home for the monks of Durham. The name of the adjacent village of Bearpark may well be a corruption of Beaurepaire.

National Coal Mining Museum & Around Durham