22nd September

From a stop at the village of Ingleton driving up the A65 from Bradford to Backbarrow in the Southern Lakes. Rather bizarrely, the village used to have not one but two railway stations!

23rd September

(L) Overcast view of Windermere, England’s largest (natural) lake, from Gummer’s How. (R) A putative sulphur polypore, Laetiporus sulphureus.

24th September

The Cumbria Crystal workshop, Ulverston (weather too poor for much else!).

25th September

Another wet day. Pictures from the Lakeland Motor Museum, just down the road from the holiday cottage (Oakbeam Cottage).


(L) The car in the bottom left is a Bentley once owned by Donald Campbell and painted in the same Bluebird Blue used by the Campbell’s for their word-record breaking Bluebird vehicles. (R) When the police drove in style – an MGA police car from the 1960s.

Perhaps the most bizarre exhibit – a 1930 tricycle with a propeller in front! 

26th September


(L) Who would have thought that poaching was still a significant problem? (R) Bigland Tarn on a walk from Backbarrow to Cartmel


(L) Overlooking the estuary of the river Leven, which drains Windermere and passes Backbarrow on its way to the sea. (R) On the walk back.

Cartmel Priory, the parish church of Cartmel and former Augustian priory.


(L) The east window and (R) looking west down the nave.

Boards with the Creed on the left and the Lord’s Prayer on the right.

Backbarrow I