Pictures from a visit to Hartlepool’s “Maritime Experience” in early October.

Ex-industrial Hartlepool is not an obvious tourist destination, but the marina and associated visitor attractions (redevelopments of the 1990s) are well worth a visit. Above, a demonstration of gun firing.

The centrepiece of the Maritime Experience is the restored HMS Trincomalee. Launched in 1817, she is the oldest British warship still afloat.

(L) Boarding ramp and (R) the fair weather capstan.

(L) One of the interior decks and (R) the captain’s cabin.

Deck of the paddle steamer PS Wingfield Castle, moored close to the Trincomalee next to the small, but perfectly formed, Museum of Hartlepool. Built in 1934, the ship used to run a ferry service across the Humber estuary.

(L) Boat in “dry dock” and (R) boats in the marina.

(L) View of the marina from the harbour entrance. (R) The sea lock.


(L) View along the promenade towards (R) the Column of Liberty at Gibside (NT).

The saprotropic fungus Leotia lubrica, common name Jelly Babies, at Gibside.