Golden Acre Park walk

Pictures from a walk starting from Golden Acre Park, Leeds. (R) A magnificent cluster of sulphur tufts, Hypholoma fasciculare.

“Garden of Light” at the recently remodeled Bradford City Park: (L) looking towards the town hall and (R) looking over the mirror pool.

Fungi in the Tenter Terrace mushroom field 

Peziza badia, which has the common name “pig’s ears” in some books. The same common name is used for the unrelated edible fungus, Gomphus clavatus (extinct in the UK).

(L) The pestle puffball, Handkea excipuliformis. Just when you thought that official Latin would be more reliable, this fungus has been assigned to 5 different genera. (R) The dubiously edible brown birch bolete, Leccinum scabrum. Overall 2012 was not a good season for boletes.

Blanchland walk

The “square” of the picturesque village of Blanchland.

Pictures from a walk up the valley to Baybridge and then up onto the surrounding hills. (R) On the horizon the former Presser pumping station (used to supply Consett with water). The remains of earlier lead mining are all about.

October 2012