Pictures of the Palace of Versailles from a conference visit to Versailles in mid-September.

Courtyard of the palace.

The magnificent Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors).

A strange juxtaposition – an artwork of stilettos made of pots and pans entitled “Marilyn” in the Hall of Mirrors.

(L) Grande chambre de la ReineMarie Antionette “escaped” from the Paris mob on the night of 6th Oct 1789  through the concealed door on the left. (R) Room in the apartment of the Dauphin.  

(L) Rear view of the main palace. (R) View over the grounds from the palace.

The picturesque, but somewhat bizarre “Hamlet of the Queen” – like an 18th century Disney version of rural life.

(L) Colannade and (R) room in the Grand Trianon – a much smaller palace built as a retreat from the formality of the court for Louis XIV and his “official mistress“.