Pictures from a second visit to the Ripon area in the last weekend of October (the weekend of the clocks changing)

(L) Odd sign at the Police and Prison Museum perhaps related to Victorian “fern mania”, pteridomania. (R) The remains of mediaeval St. Anne’s chapel on the left, and Victorian almshouses on the right. The street name St. Agnesgate is a corruption of St. Anne’s Gate. 

The Royal Observer Corp Cold War bunker on the western outskirts of York. Operational between 1961 and 1991, it was opened to the public in 2006 by English Heritage.

(L) Operations room and (R) plant room of the bunker. In the event of a nuclear war, ten civilian volunteers with the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation would have sealed themselves inside the bunker, and reported on nuclear explosions and fallout.

Level crossing on the Harrogate Line, adjacent to the former Hessay station (closed in 1958).

(L) The parish church and (R) the Ship Inn at Aldborough, the former Roman site of Isurium Brigantum. Unfortunately the English Heritage-run visitor centre was closed for the season… 

(L) The Vyner memorial in Fountains Hall to the son and daughter that the Vyner family lost during the 2nd World War. (R) View of Fountains Abbey at night.

(L) Abbot Huby’s tower, built relatively late in the abbey’s history in the 16th C. (R) The magnificent nave of the abbey church. The stone for the abbey was largely quarried at the site – in fact the original line of quarry face was inside the body of the nave!

(L) View over Hackfall – a wooded valley near Grewelthorpe which was turned into a landscaped garden in the mid 18th C by the Aislabies, who also owned the Fountains Abbey / Studley Royal estate. (R) Vigorous cluster of velvet shank fungi, Flammulina velutipes, in Hackfall.

Living room of the rental cottage in Shaw Mills [54 3 28 N, 1 36 30 W]. Unusually, the central heating and hot water was supplied from a back boiler heated by the solid fuel open fire. It was a real treat to come back each evening to find a roaring fire in the grate!

Ripon in October