The first set of photos from a holiday in early July in Shropshire, based in the town of Ludlow.

Staircase locks at Bunbury on the Chester Canal branch of the Shropshire Union Canal.

Under the sun at Clun

View of the “main” street in the charming town of Clun.

Tour group visiting the remains of Clun Castle (English Heritage).

Views from Clun Castle.

The rolling hills of Shropshire.

(L) Ford on the return to Clun. (R) The charming Trinity Hospital almshouses.

Wenlock Edge

(L) Wheat fields and (R) View towards Titterstone Clee on a walk from Craven Arms.

(L) The limestone escarpment of Wenlock Edge. (R) Flounder’s Folly, built in 1838.

Mating insects, clearly drawn to this particular species of flower.

Berrington Hall

Berrington Hall (National Trust) near Leominster.

(L) Upstairs and (R) downstairs (the laundry room) at Berrington Hall.

Staircase at Berrington Hall. The columns are scagliola, a very effective imitation marble.

Shropshire I