Temple Newsam

The extraordinary Temple Newsam house near Leeds. The Temple refers to the Knights Templar, who owned the estate until the order was suppressed in 1377.

The original Tudor building was built in the early 16th C, but the current appearance of the building is Jacobean (early 17th C).

Caring for Life Open Day

Horse shoeing demonstration at the Caring for Life Open Day at Crag House Farm (close to Leeds).

Foghorn Requiem

The Foghorn Requiem was a piece composed to mark the loss of foghorns in an era where GPS means that navigation is unaffected by fog. The piece was “performed” by (L) a lone trumpeter, (R) a brass band, boats at sea, and, the star attraction, the Souter foghorn itself.

The piece itself was mostly tuneless and avant garde, but was atmospherically rounded off by sound of the foghorn dying away as its reserves of air were exhausted.

The coast near Souter and Marsden Rock.

St. Paul’s, Jarrow, contains some fascinating Anglo-Saxon features. It is strange to think that Bede would have known these same stones.

Marley Hill depot 

Carriages and tracks at the Marley Hill depot of the Tanfield Railway. Sadly P. & J. R. doesn’t refer to Paul and Jason’s railway, but rather the former Pontop and Jarrow railway.

(L) Clock and (R) the enormous wheel lathe at the Marley Hill engine shed.


Temple Newsam & Foghorn Requiem