Hereford Cathedral

(L) West front and (R) central tower of Hereford Cathedral.

(L) Nave and (R) east window of the cathedral.

(L) Arch and (R) roof detail.

(L) The extraordinary Stanbury chapel (c 1480) and (R) an eminently Victorian heating system!

Views of the River Wye at Hereford.

Back in Ludlow, looking towards Broad Gate from Lower Broad Street.

Stokesay Castle

Outside views of Stokesay Castle (English Heritage), a splendidly preserved fortified manor house just south of Craven Arms. (R) The unusual half-timbered extension dates from the Tudor period.

(L) The colourful 16th C gatehouse leading through (R) into the courtyard.

(L) The main hall dates from the late 13th C. (R) Elizabethan oak panelling in the solar.

Views from the north tower.

(L) Secluded houses on a narrow valley, Brandhill Gutter, charming here at the top but descending into a nettle-infested nightmare. (R) View towards Titterstone Clee Hill.


Shropshire II