After a week in Rome, we took the train to the city of Salerno, south of Naples. Above is a view over the harbour at night, looking north across the Gulf of Salerno towards to the Sorrentine peninsula.

The Duomo (cathedral) of Salerno.

(L) Banner of St. Matthew, Salerno’s patron saint, and (R) the crypt, believed to contain Matthew’s relics.


Views on the Sorrentine coast from the ferry between Salerno and Amalfi.

Arriving at the picturesque coastal town of Amalfi. Once a major maritime power, its influence waned in the 12th C until finally devasted by a tsunami in 1343.

(L) Harbour quay and (R) beach at Amalfi.

(L) Winding steets on the upper levels and (R) sundial at Amalfi.

(L) Steps up to (R) the portico of Amalfi cathedral.

(L) This shrine in Amalfi’s cathedral is reputed to hold to the remains of the Apostle Andrew. (R) Side chapel containing numerous reliquaries.

(L) Harbour and (R) marina back at Salerno.

(L) The delightful accommodation of the Giardino Segreto. (R) Breakfast was provided via vouchers for a nearby cafe (on the left), just next to the cathedral – a very practical scheme, at least in a relatively dry climate!