Waskerley Way

On the Waskerley Way walking and cycling route, starting at Waskerley (which used to be a significant station on the Stanhope & Tyne railway).

Most probably a slightly dried out (and hence more orange) example of the Yellow Brain fungus, tremella mesenterica.

On the way back to Waskerley, up (R) the curiously named Nanny Meyer’s Incline. Many of the early railways used inclines with static engines to lower or haul wagons, avoiding the expensive business of creating a shallow graded continuous railway that could be worked by locomotives.

Great Goodbye at Shildon

The “Great Goodbye” at Locomotion, Shildon – the final gathering of all six surviving LNER class A4s before they returned to their host museums. (R) The most famous of them all, Mallard.

(L) The Union of South Africa in action, (R) Dwight D. Eisenhower.

February 2014