Todmorden Walk

Pictures of Stoodley Pike on a walk from Todmorden to Hebden Bridge in January.


Saltaire, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a model village founded in 1851 by Titus Salt for workers in his new mills. (L) Streets of well-built houses, contrasting to the slums of Bradford. (R) Victoria Hall, Saltaire.

(L) Salt’s Mill and (R) the “New Mill”, connected to the original building by a walkway across the Leeds and Liverpool canal that was key to the mills’ siteing. A key, and unexpected, feature of the mills’ operation was the spinning of alpaca wool. The mill finally closed in 1986, but thankfully these magnificent buildings have escaped the fate of most former mills and are now being put to good use.

The splendid and unexpected Shibden Mill Inn, close to Halifax.

St. John the Evangelist’s Church

St. John the Evangelist’s Church is the oldest church in Leeds, dating from 1632. It is now disused, but is maintained by the Churches Conversation Trust.

A map of Leeds in 1612, before this former market town exploded in size during the Industrial Revolution to become the UK’s 3rd largest city.

Whitworth Hall Deer Park

Deer at Whitworth Hall country park on a New Year’s walk. Sadly Shafto’s Inn where we had been hoping to stop for a refreshing pint had been demolished (not the first pile of rubble where a country pub should have been), and Whitworth Hall itself is now in adminstration.

January 2014