Washington Wetland Centre

View of the impressive Washington Wetland Centre.

(L) Flamingoes and (R) and errr… some kind of duck.

(L) The Lord Stones Cafe, near Carlton-in-Cleveland in the North York Moors. (R) View towards the Bilsdale transmitter.

The quirky Oil Can Cafe, based in the forming carding shed of the Dobroyd Mills, Hepworth (close to Holmfirth).

Winscar reservoir, near the hamlet of Dunford Bridge and the east end of the trans-Pennine Woodhead Tunnel.

(L) Bridge over locks at Bingley, (R) spring primroses.

St. Andrews

(L) St. Rule’s Tower, in the grounds of the former St. Andrews cathedral, which was left to decay in 1559 following the Scottish Reformation. (R) The remains of the castle of St. Andrews.

The wide expanse of the Firth of Forth viewed from the Forth Bridge.

March 2014