Pictures from a May long weekend in the charming Shropshire town of Much Wenlock.

Much Wenlock

The blue brickwork of the police station was most unusual. Note also the full stop after “Police Station”.


The remains of the Cluniac monastery, Wenlock Priory (English Heritage) and (R) the lavatorium, where the monks would have washed before meals.

Flowers in the grounds of Wenlock Priory.



(L) The town of Ironbridge is named after the iron bridge across the Severn. (R) View of the Ironbridge Gorge downstream from Iron Bridge.


Built in 1779-81, this was the first arch bridge to be made of cast iron, and is a dramatic symbol of the region’s role in the Industrial Revolution.


(L) Blists Hill Victorian Town is the centrepiece of a cluster of museums in and around Ironbridge; a Midlands equivalent of the local Beamish open-air museum. (R) The Hay inclined plane used to lift canal boats between the Severn and the Blists Hill industrial area.


Steam engines at Blists Hill.


The unusual cliff railway at Bridgnorth, which connects the “upper” and “lower” town.


(L) Bridgnorth and (R) Hampton Loade stations on the Severn Valley railway.

Bluebells on the Dudmaston estate, on the walk up from Hampton Loade. Sadly the Hampton Loade ferry wasn’t running that day.


(L) Orchard and (R) lake at Dudmaston Hall (National Trust).

Much Wenlock