Pictures from the 2nd half of May.

Lister Park


Lister Park is an attractive park in north Bradford.

Cartwright Hall, an art gallery in the middle of Lister Park.

Hardcastle Crags 


Hardcastle Crags (National Trust) is a pleasant wooded valley north of Hebden Bridge.


Gibson Mill, built around 1800 for cotton milling, lies part way up the valley, a reminder of times when valleys around Calderdale were at the heart of the industrial revolution. By the early 1900’s, the industry had finished and the valley had become a destination for day-trippers, with the mill buildings being used as a dance hall.

Tranquil now, the Blake Dean valley used to be spanned by an impressive trestle railway bridge, built to facilitate the construction of dams.

Harewood House 


(L) Former stable blocks and (R) kitchen of Harewood House, north of Leeds.

Art that makes you smile!

Discovery Museum

The business end of the Turbinia, the first steam-turbine driven ship, and star turn of Newcastle’s Discovery Museum. Sadly, having placed too much faith in Google’s summary of the museum opening times, this was about the only thing we got to see before the museum closed!

May 2014