The entrance to the Old Fort of Corfu is across a sea moat, the “contrafossa”, built by the Venetians in the 16th C.


Inside the fort complex: (L) looking up towards the main bastion, (R) from the main stronghold to a former bastion.

Cannon on the fort esplanade, looking towards Garitsa bay.


The unusual church of St. George within the fort walls.


Views out from the fort.


Looking north over the island of Vido towards Mount Pantokrator (peak left of centre on R), the highest point of Corfu (906 m).

Looking back towards the Old Fort from Garitsa bay.


Views from the hotel Arcadion: (L) northwards towards the Liston and (R) eastwards towards the old fort. The area between the town and the fort, the “Spaniada” was kept clear of buildings in the interests of defence.

Looking towards the Liston (middle of picture), an elegant arcade built during the Napoleonic period of French control.


Corfu III