Penshaw Monument


Penshaw Monument – a North-East landmark – in early January.

Lake at Herrington Country Park, on the site of the New Herrington colliery (closed in 1985).

Seaton Delaval Hall 


Seaton Delaval Hall, just north of Newcastle (late January), was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh.


(L) “Cloisters” running either side of the central courtyard, and (R) magnificent stables.


The central block of the house was destroyed by fire in 1822 and was only re-roofed and partially restored in the 1860s.

Sadly most of the house is in too fragile a state to be visited.


The gardens to the rear of the house.

Tide coming in and flooding the causeway at St Mary’s island.

Robin spotted on New Year’s Day.

January 2015