Pictures from a long weekend in Edinburgh in late August, staying in the Canongate area of town.

Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia was retired in 1997 and is now a major tourist attraction. Leith won the contest to host Britannia, as part of the Ocean Terminal development, although there is something incongruous about visiting a royal yacht via a shopping centre…


(L) Reception and (R) dining room on the yacht. The decor has charming, restrained 1950s feel about it. The first designs were apparently rejected by the Queen as too flamboyant.


(L) Bridge and (R) crew sleeping quarters. Needless to say the crew’s half of the yacht is considerably more cramped and functional than the royal half!


(L) Surgery and (R) laundry.

Engine room.

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is split between two buildings either side of Belford Road, just west of the city centre. Gallery One had an exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein and Two of M. C. Escher. The Escher exhibition, in particular, was magnificent.


Walk in the Pentland Hills on the Sunday afternoon. (L) Looking towards Glencorse reservoir.


Edinburgh 2015