Pictures from a visit to the Czech Republic at the end of April, starting and ending in Prague.


(L) The striking Gothic bridge tower on the Old Town side of the Charles bridge across the Vltava. (R) Tourist central on the bridge!

View up the river from the Charles bridge toward the Legion bridge.


St Nicholas (Roman Catholic) church. The Hussite or Bohemian reformation saw the Czech church split from the Roman Catholic church much earlier (late 14th C) than the Protestant reformation in the rest of Europe. Following the failure of the Bohemian revolt against the Hapsburgs in 1620, Roman catholicism was re-imposed.


(L) Streets and (R) roofs viewed from Prague Castle, in Malá Strana, the “Lesser Town”.


(L) Prague Castle, and (R) the neighbouring Archbishops’s Palace, with a splendid former gas light in the foreground.

Another church dedicated to St Nicholas, but here a Czechoslovak Hussite church in the Old Town.

Strahov Monastery


The Strahov monastery was returned to the Premonstratensian Order after the fall of the Communist government in 1989, and is gradually being restored.

The monastery hosts an art gallery: here Angela Merkel as “Our Lady of Euro”…

A slightly random event – a parade of American military vehicles.

The Loreta (Roman Catholic) church.


The charming Loreta Hotel was just next door.