The scenic town of Bayreuth in northern Bavaria. Unfortunately the magnificent Margravial Opera House (on the right) was closed for refurbishment.


(L) Bell Tower of (R) the Old Palace.

The “Schlosskirche”, the chapel of the Old Palace.


(L) The “hofgarten” of the (R) New Palace built during Bayreuth’s mid 18th C golden age under the rule of Margrave Frederick and Margravine Wilhelmina.


(L) The striking Evangelical Lutheran “Christuskirche”. (R) The famous Bayreuth Festspielhaus, built by Richard Wagner to put on his operas to best effect. Having rejected the Margravial Opera House as too baroque, Wagner was persuaded by the canny burghers of Bayreuth to build his custom opera house on land they offered.



(L) “Aldstadt” (Old Town) of Nuremberg and (R) the Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospice of the Holy Spirit).

View from Nuremberg Castle.

St Lorenz church in the Aldstadt.


Slightly out of place… A green lane in Calderdale.

Bayreuth & Nuremberg