Innsbruck Stadtturm

Entrance to the Stadtturm (city tower), Innsbruck.


(L) It was hard to not be fascinated watching a large crane, used to work over the tightly packed roofs of the Altstadt (old town), carefully folding itself up, ready to be driven off. (R) A envy-inducing roof patio viewed from the Stadtturm!


(L) View of the Altstadt and (R) close-up of the Goldenes Dachl from the Stadtturm.


Entrance to the Silberbergwerk (silver mine) at Schwaz. The town of Schwaz grew rich on the output of mines, which extended for miles into the mountains – the small train fair sped along to cover the distance!


The parish church of Schwaz.

The Inn at Schwaz.

Innsbruck III