Lotherton Hall

Pictures from a visit to Lotherton Hall, to the east of Leeds, in mid May. The exterior of the building is rather unprepossessing!


The interior is much more impressive!


The chapel is the oldest part of the estate, dating from the 12th C.


(L)  Some kind of, umm… bird, and (R) an unusual animal, a Patagonian mara, in the aviary and wildlife park.

White Wells, Ikley


(L) The White Wells spa is part way up the slope from Ilkley, near the top of Ilkley Moor. The plunge pool is still open for bathers, but didn’t look that appealing. (R) Secluded pond nearby – unusual in moorland.

Balloons in Durham 


(L) The unusual sight of a tethered hot-air balloon on Palace Green, part of a balloon festival. (R) Unfortunately strong winds prevented the balloons taking off during the evening event. But kids (and no doubt a few adults…) still had fun letting off the burners.


May 2017