The first of three sets of pictures from a holiday in early July in the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

View over Loggerheads Country Park.



(L) Chapel and (R) dining room at Erddig (National Trust).


(L) Kitchen and (R) passageway featuring some of the final owner’s (Philip Yorke, PY) slightly dubious poetry. The property was in a poor state in its final days, not least due to mining subsidence, and the National Trust would have preferred to take out the interesting contents rather than preserve the property, as Philip Yorke insisted.


(L) Steam-powered saw-mill and (R) servant’s quarters.

Denbigh Castle


(L) Gatehouse and (R) walls of Denbigh Castle, built in the 13th C following Edward I’s conquest of Wales.



(L) Local church (St. Berres’) and (R) patio of the rental house, in the small village of Llanferres. The house had a great view of the range.

Clwydian Range I