Ribblehead Viaduct


(L) Approaching Blea Moor signal box. (R) The magnificent Ribblehead viaduct complete with passing train. The track was singled in 1985 to reduce the load and maintenance burden.

The rather bleak surroundings of Ribblehead.

Heritage Open Days


(L) The “Mighty Wurlizter“, now at the New Victoria Hall,Howden-le-Wear, was originally installed in 1930 in the New Victoria theatre, Bradford. It was rescued in 1968. The theatre itself is now in a sorry state. (R) The Derwentcote steel furnace (English Heritage), built in 1720, is the earliest surviving example of a cementation furnace, used for making steel from wrought iron.

Sedgefield parish church has an unusual dedication, to St. Edmund of Abingdon.

Stoodley Pike

Stoodley Pike, on a walk from Todmorden to Hebden Bridge.

September 2017