Pictures from the 2017 edition of the Lumiere light festival.

Harmonic Portal made excellent use of the stone walling around St Godric’s, just behind the house.

Fire Tornado provided a welcome return of flames, absent from the previous edition.


(L) Cosmoscope and (R) Horizontal Interference.


(L) Light Bench is a permanent installation from Lumiere 2015. (R) Drawn in Light.


Interactive artworks in Millenium square: (L) Illumaphonium and (R) Sagacity, whose “elements” became more intense in response to tweets.

Control No Control in the Prince Bishops’ Centre was a popular interactive artwork.


(L) Dome and Arches in the market place and (R) Our Moon on the side of the castle.


What Matters in St. Oswald’s churchyard.


L) In Methods, vertical lights turned on and off in time with change ringing of the cathedral bells. Visiting on the Sunday evening meant we avoided huge queues to file through the cathedral. (R) Entre les rangs in the cathedral cloisters.


Frequencies was a spectacular and slightly sinister installation illuminating the cathedral riverbanks.




(L) White Line over the river near Prebend’s bridge. (R) Heron needed to be seen up close or (as here) with a good camera zoom.

Lumiere 2017