Colne Valley Museum


Confusingly the Colne valley and its museum is nowhere near the town of Colne in Lancashire. Instead the river Colne is west of Huddersfield (West Yorkshire), and the Colne Valley Museum is a charming volunteer-run museum based in the village of Golcar. The unusual name of the village is apparently derived from St. Guthlac. (L) Looms and (R) spinning frame. Note the good light, needed to work the looms, provided by the large windows and hillside location.

Recreated kitchen.


Restored tea pot on Saddler Street, Durham. During recent restoration work, the “giant teapot” was found to be originally gold coloured, and so the old black paint was stripped off and the original finish recreated. Teapots were commonly used to mark a grocer’s shop (in the days when not everybody could read!) and this particular teapot has been outside different locations in Durham before coming to rest in Saddler Street.

Vehicles on the 47th Beamish Reliability Run, pictured at the Bollihope quarries, just south of Stanhope. This is a 150 mile route for vehicles (cars and motorbikes) registered before 1956, which starts and finishes at the Beamish Museum.

Green Man sculpture at Hamsterley Forest on a baking hot day – to date summer 2018 has been remarkably hot and dry.

June 2018