1st of two sets of pictures from a return holiday in early July in the Cotswold’s village of Blockley.

Baddesley Clinton

Cafe area at Baddesley Clinton (National Trust) – a stop off on the way down.


The most striking feature of Baddesley Clinton has to be its moat!



(L) Studio and (R) chapel. The Catholic chapel is appropriate since the Ferrers family, who owned the house in the 16th C, were recusants, and the house had “priest holes” for hiding Catholic priests.

St Michael’s, Baddesley Clinton.

Broadway Tower


Broadway tower.


(L) View from the tower over the Vale of Evesham, with Broadway just at the bottom of the escarpment. (R) Entrance to the Broadway Royal Observation Corp post, close by the tower. Part of a network of volunteer-manned observation posts, its role was to report and monitor nuclear explosions during the Cold War. It was closed in 1991.

Garden of the vicarage at Blockley during the barbecue to celebrate the church’s patronal festival (Sts Peter and Paul).

Houses in the impossibly picturesque town of Chipping Campden.



(L) Hypocaust and (R) mosaics at Chedworth Roman villa, one of the largest Roman villas in Britain.

Nymphaeum at the villa.

Houses in Chedworth village.


St. Andrew’s church, Chedworth.


Blockley revisited I