Striking east window of SS Peter & Paul church, Northleach.


Brasses of tombs in Northleach church. (R) Note the wool sack under the feet of the wool merchant (and the dog with neck bells at the feet of his lady wife!). The wool trade was at the heart of economic activity in the Cotswolds (and of the country as a whole) during the Middle Ages.


(L) Mechanical piano and (R) music box at the fascinating Mechanical Music Museum at Northleach. Note the thousands of tiny individually placed pins in the music box!

View over Blockley from the southeast.


(L) Wingnut tree at Batsford Arboretum. (R) Batsford church.

Sezincote and Longborough


(L) The unusual Sezincote house and (R) its orangery, complete with tea room.


Gardens at Sezincote.

St James church, Longborough, with its magnificent yew tree.


(L) East window and (R) tomb effigy in the south transept. The south transept houses two tombs with effigies; a more flamboyant one from the 17th C, but this one of an unknown knight from the 14th C, with the dog at his feet and crudely sculpted angel at his head, is the more moving.




A return visit to Hidcote manor and its gardens (National Trust) on the return journey.


Blockley Revisited II