We’re not in Durham any more! Striking view from hotel window in Salt Lake City with petrochemical flare on the left and the Utah state capitol on the right.


The hotel was just next to Temple Square. (L) The Salt Lake Tabernacle and (R) its famous organ. The Tabernacle, completed in 1867, was built to accommodate meetings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Meetings are now held in a much larger convention centre.


(L) Statue in Temple Square, depicting the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood. (R) The Salt Lake Temple. Like other LDS temples, the building is only open to LDS members.


Pictures from the Church History Museum. (L) Section about the succession crisis following the death of founder Joseph Smith in 1844. (R) Display about past presidents.


(L) Downtown Salt Lake City; a moment later and the red Coca Cola van would have made the shot perfect. (R) Does this motel, on the way out to the airport via the handy TRAX light rail system, really have no vacancies or is it abandoned? The advert is a bit strange too!

View towards the Great Salt Lake taking off from Salt Lake City International airport.


Salt Lake City