First set of pictures from travels in Canada and the States in late July.



(L) CN tower by day and (R) viewed by night from hotel room in downtown Toronto. The tower, which at 553 m was the world’s tallest free-standing structures from 1975-2007, was built as a communication tower, and needed to be tall so that the antennae were well above the surrounding skyscrapers.

Sugar Beach is an “urban beach park”, facing Lake Ontario. Its name comes from the Redpath sugar refinery next door.


The atmospheric empty corridors of the underground PATH system in downtown Toronto. Although making up the world’s largest largest underground shopping complex, and no doubt being busy during weekdays, the network of passageways were eerily quiet at night and at the weekend.



(L) The Snowbird resort, Utah. The Little Cottonwood canyon was originally developed for mining (primarily silver). (R) The resort opened in 1971. The “condo” did have a certain 70’s charm!

Top station of the aerial tramway, Hidden Peak (11,000 ft, 3350 m), at the start of a short walk on the free morning.


(Top) Views and (bottom) wild flowers in Mineral Basin, on the other side of the ridge from the resort.


Toronto & Snowbird