Pictures from a conference in Ljubljana in early September.


Buildings in central Ljubljana, with (R) the castle in the background.


The main river through the city is the Ljubljanica.


(L) The principal church, St. Nicholas Cathedral (Roman Catholic). (R) There were a couple of “dog bakeries”; thankfully shops selling dog treats rather than…


(L) Exterior of Ljubljana castle and (R) view from the tower, from which you can apparently see 1/3 of Slovenia. Having lost its strategic importance in the 19th C, the castle fell into decay, but was gradually restored from the 1960s onwards.

The rental apartment was in a building that was clearly of medieval origin, with a large central courtyard in which animals would have been kept.



Views of the iconic Tyne Bridge.


(L) The memorial to Matthew Ridley is striking for its depiction of the local worthy as a Roman statesman, complete with toga. (R) Interior of another St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, this time Anglican.


(L) The Castle Keep, just next to the cathedral. Note the East Coast main line behind, slicing its way through the site of the castle. (R) The Wood Memorial hall of Newcastle’s Mining Institute. The institute was founded in 1852, when the North-East was at the fore-front of coal mining.



The church of St. Oswald at Heavenfield, the site of a decisive battle between Oswald of Bernicia and the Welsh king Cadwallon. Oswald’s victory in 633(?) led to rise of the kingdom of Northumbria and the spread of Christianity. Sadly the gas lights in the church are no longer used; with its isolated and wind-swept location, the occasional services must be atmospheric, even without the hiss of gas lighting.

Ljubljana + September 2018