Pictures from a long weekend in mid August in the small Northumberland market town of Wooler.

Monument on the site of the important Anglo-Saxon site of Gefrin (morphed over time into Yeavering).


The oldest part of the site is the Iron Age hill fort on Yeavering Bell. The wind on the top was ferocious so this can’t have been a very pleasant place to live!

View from a walk in the adjacent College Valley.


(L) The picturesque village of Ford and (R) the Lady Waterford Hall, built in 1860 at as the village school by Lady Waterford. The Biblical scenes around the walls were painted by Lady Waterford.


(L) Ford church and (R) a curious plaque marking an enlargement of the building, where different sections can be slotted in.

Lounge area in the hotel, the Tankerville Arms.


Pictures from Cragside (National Trust) and its estate on the return journey.



The parish church of St. Laurence in Hallgarth, part of a group of small villages east of Durham collectively known as Pittington, after former collieries. The church’s most well known feature is its north arcade and 12th C wall paintings. It is believed that the same masons who built the arcade, with its decorative pillars, were also responsible for the magnificent pillars of Durham cathedral.

Aire Valley walk


Pictures from a walk from the West Yorkshire market town of Bingley, up the Aire valley and back round through the St. Ives estate.

Wooler weekend + August 2018