Dunston Staiths (mid September): thought to be the largest timber structure in Europe, the staiths were used to load coal from the Durham coalfields onto boats in the Tyne.  Sadly their survival seems to involve an ongoing struggle between arson and restoration…


(L) A 12th C cross, depicting the discovery of the True Cross by St. Helena, preserved in St. Helen’s Church, Kelloe. (R) Woodlands in the Raisby Hill grasslands nature reserve on a walk from Kelloe along an old railway path.


Pictures from a conference in Porto, Portugal, in late September.


(L) View over the Ponte de Dom Luís I from the cathedral. (R) View from the bridge over the Douro.


Pictures from Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto), with its unusual two level cloister.



Pair of pictures from Thornley Wood, Gateshead. (R) A nice clump of wood blewits (clitocybe nuda).

September & October 2019