With “events”, pictures have been thin on the ground…

Nothing says Spring like new lambs!

Middlehope Burn

A last walk in Weardale before lockdown, following the Slitt Wood and West Rigg Geotrail up the Middlehope Burn from the village of Westgate.


The impressive remains of Low Slitt lead mine. (L) Here the burn has been culverted by a well-engineered stone arch to create an extensive “dressing floor” for processing the ore. (R) Remains of some ponds further upstream.


(L) West Slitt dam provided a head of water to drive the machinery. (R) Looking down from the dam back towards the mine ruins. The spoil heaps in the background are from West Rigg (below).

The striking West Rigg open cutting is a former iron stone quarry. The rib in the middle is the Slitt Vein, initially worked for its lead content. The later quarrymen left this intact while digging out the ironstone on either side.


Northern Powergrid’s training centre at Kepier Farm. (L) Presumably the trainees need to learn how to wire every different sort of pylon! (R) This could be an artwork. More likely different wood treatments are being tested!


March & April 2020