Pictures from a classic walking round between the villages of Muker and Keld.

View from the minor road crossing between Askrigg in Wensleydale and Muker in Swaledale. 


(L) Heading across the Muker hay meadows (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) from Muker. (R) Rampsholme bridge across the Swale. 

Nice lunch spot after crossing Swinner Gill.

Oops! Following the bank of the river rather up the bank led to an increasingly hairy canyon clamber. There had been recent rock falls judging from the sharpness of some of rock edges. 


Back on the path, arriving at the Swinner Gill lead mines. (L) The entrance adit is visible in centre left. (R) Ruined buildings above the waterfall.


After the Swinner Gill detour, gently descending down to Muker past (L) the Beldi Hill lead mine and (R) the remains of an old tractor gradually merging into the moorland. 

One of the falls (forces) on the East Gill.

Social distancing in Dales units!

Hay meadows near Keld.


Views of the medieval “corpse road” between Keld and Muker over Kisdon hill. The Swaledale Corpse Way runs from Keld through villages of Swaledale to St. Andrew’s church at Grinton, which was the closest consecrated ground until St. Mary’s church was built in Muker in 1580.  


Muker – Keld walk