First of two sets of pictures from a holiday in Pooley Bridge (Lake District) in early July.

Steamer from Pooley Bridge to Howtown. (Top) Starting next to St. Peter’s Church in Martindale, climbing the modest, but still quite steep, Hallin Fell (388 m) for a view over Ullswater. (Middle) The route back to Pooley Bridge was a “middle way” following a bridleway along edge of the outtake, rising to the Cockpit stone circle on Divock Moor. (Bottom) “Roman Seat” is just below the junction; the fingerpost is unremarkable at first, but the directions are to the Roman forts Brocavum (Brougham) and Galava (Ambleside)! Although actually there is little evidence that bridleway “High Street” was a Roman road.

Pooley Bridge I