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Met: 17 Oct 2009
Last known location: Frizinghall (Bradford area)


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Gian Carlo Antonioli

Met in Durham (first PhD student to graduate)
Last known location: Parma (Italy)

GCA with Natalina Buckingham Palace

Svätopluk Betina

Met at the Eglise Evangelique Libre while we were both postdocs at different institutions in Lyon.
Last known location: Bratislava (Slovakia)

Svato & Jryki

Svato and fellow ex-pat postdoc (Jryki? from Finland) after a meal at Les Lyonnais

Thomas Bräuniger

Met while Thomas was a postdoc at Durham (2001-2)
Last known location: Halle, Germany

Thomas, Claudia and baby Clara (2006)

Allan and Jo-anne Collister

Met while on postdoc at UC Berkeley (1995-6)
Last known location: Albany, CA

Allan Collister

Taken at New Church, Berkeley where Allan is the pastor (minister). By bizarre co-incidence, the Collisters and Dimitri were neighbours for some while on Jackson Street, Albany [37 53 46 N, 122 18 12 W] without knowing each other…

Mark Cox

Met at New Church, Berkeley.
Last known location: South San Franciso, CA

Claudia & Mark

Claudia and Mark

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Gaël De Paëpe

Met at ENS, Lyon.
Last known location: Grenoble


Mike & Caryn Digena

Met at the Eglise Evangelique Libre, Lyon
Last known location: Montpellier

Chad McCain

Met at New Church, Berkeley and ended up sharing a flat for some months on Dwight.
Last known location: Brea, CA

Chad & tree

Chad in lightening-struck tree somewhere in the Yosemite back country (1996)

Alan and Anne MacDonald

Met while sharing a flat with Alan in Oxford (during my DPhil years) .
Last known location: Currie, Edinburgh

AlanAnneKitchen small

Alan & Anne in kitchen of Marchmont Street flat

Anne   boys

L-R: Callum, Anne, Murdo and Duncan McDonald

Stephen Moore

Met At Queen’s (and Woodstock Road Baptist) as undergraduates (Stephen was studying modern languages in the year below).
Last known location: Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Stephen MooreLyon

Steve and wife on a passing visit in Lyon (background is the Roman amphitheatre at Fourvière)

Max Mwakitalu-Mkhize

Met late 2008
Last known location: Cambridge


Carole and Olivier Page

Met at the Eglise Evangelique Libre, Lyon
Last known location: Caluire-et-Cuire

Pages Noel 2007

Loïc, Carole, Dorian and Olivier Page (Christmas 2007)

Dimitris Sakellariou

Met while on postdoc at the ENS, Lyon while Dimitri was working on his PhD.
Last known location: Boulougne Billancourt, Paris

Dimitri and parents

Dimitri and parents at home in Athens

Christiane Timmel

Met as PhD students in Peter Hore’s group at Oxford
Last known location: Oxford

Chris & Steve Winder small

Chris and the irrepressible Steve Winder in the Hore group deskroom

Geoff Wellington

Met while both PhD students at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford (and Woodstock Road Baptist)
Last known location: Lausanne (now back in home country of Wales?)

Steve & Geoff

Geoff (right) and Steve Moore who both happened to be working in Lausanne (Switzerland) at the same time.

Philip Wormald

Met when arrived in Durham (late 1998)
Last known location: St Monans, Fife


(L) St.  Monan’s (20??), (R) St. Andrews Cathedral (March 2014).

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