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The first batch of photos from a long weekend in Northumberland, based in the village of Belford [55 35 56 N, 1 49 46 W].


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Vague martial theme: the Peter and Paul fortress and Siege of Leningrad memorial.

SPB SPPEntrance

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St Petersburg IV

A set of pictures from a mini-sabbatical in mid-August staying with a friend in St Monans, Fife (Scotland).


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St Monans

The Dolomites formed an unusual battlefront in World War I. Italy had joined the Triple Entente powers early in confusing outbreak of hostilities in the hopes of gaining additional territory (including the Southern Tyrol) from the failing Austro-Hungarian empire. As on the Western front, events soon settled into a stalemate, but this time fought in the mountains with shells and massive mines. Most soldiers were killed by deliberate shelling from the other side to trigger avalanches.


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