Department of Physics AstroLab

Aims of the AstroLab

The overall aim of the Level 3 Laboratory Course is to allow students to build on the experience in experimental physics gained in the previous years in the Department by carrying out an advanced project and producing a scientific report. The AstroLab section offers a variety of observational astronomy projects which focus on the dynamical nature of the universe. The AstroLab objectives are

  1. To appreciate the overall aim of the individual project and its wider importance.

  2. To learn how to gather experimental data on the universe using a modern observatory.

  3. To gain skills for the reduction and analysis of the numerical data gathered, with particular reference to finding the uncertainty on the final results.

  4. To produce a scientific report of the project which describes the background, the experimental details, the data reduction, the data analysis and the final result. The report should be framed such that someone outside the laboratory itself, but with a scientific background, is able to appreciate the project and the work undertaken. Further details on the format of the report can be found on DUO.

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