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Basic analysis using Gaia

"Gaia is an image display and analysis tool. It provides the usual facilities of image display tools, plus more astronomically useful ones such as aperture & optimal photometry, contouring, source detection, surface photometry, arbitrary region analysis, celestial coordinate readout, calibration and modification, grid overlays, blink comparison, defect patching and the ability to query on-line (WWW) catalogues."

How to use Gaia

  • Login into one of the AstroLab's Linux workstations
  • Start an xterm command line window
  • Make a directory for your workspace, e.g.
     mkdir edwin_hubble 
     cd edwin_hubble 
  • Copy the required images from the "archive" or "current" into your workspace, e.g.
     \cp -pr /archive/12/2005/05_02_01/saturn.ST9 . 
     \cp -pr /archive/archive/draco/2005/05_02_01/0171.fits . 
  • Initialise the Starlink convert package, e.g.
  • Gaia can now display a variety of formats including FITS (.fits) and SBIG's compressed format (.ST9). Gaia assumes that SBIG frames have the .ST9 file extension. To display the image e.g.
     gaia saturn.ST9 

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