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Data Reduction and Analysis

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Data Analysis Packages

  • GAIA is a powerful image display and analysis tool. It provides the usual facilities of image display tools, plus more astronomically useful ones such as aperture & optimal photometry, contouring, source detection, surface photometry, arbitrary region analysis, celestial coordinate readout, calibration and modification, grid overlays, blink comparison, defect patching and the ability to query on-line (WWW) catalogues.
  • KAPPA comprises about 180 general-purpose commands for image processing, data visualisation, and manipulation of the standard Starlink data format -- the NDF.
  • CCDPACK for reducing CCD data; debias, remove dark current, flatfield, register, resample and normalize data from single- or multiple-CCD instruments.
  • SExtractor for producing object catalogues from images

Astrolab CCD Images and Formats

Basic Reduction Techniques



Local Software for Photometry Data Reduction


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