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Useful References

General Astronomy

  • Astronomy : from the Earth to the Universe by Jay Pasachoff
  • Destiny or chance : our solar system and its place in the cosmos by Stuart Ross Taylor
  • Brilliant stars by Patrick Moore
  • Moons and planets by William K. Hartmann
  • Dictionary of minor planet names by Lutz D. Schmadel
  • The astronomy cafe : 365 questions and answers from "Ask the Astronomer" by Sten Odenwald

Practical Astronomy


  • The sky : a user's guide by David Levy
  • Norton's star atlas and reference handbook edited by Ian Ridpath
  • Seeing stars: the night sky through small telescopes by Chris Kitchin and Robert W. Forrest
  • Telescopes and techniques : an introduction to practical astronomy by Chris Kitchin and Chris Robert
  • Challenges of astronomy : hands-on experiments for the sky and laboratory by W. Schlosser, T. Schmidt-Kaler and E.F. Milone

Spherical Astronomy and Orbits

  • Fundamentals of celestial mechanics by J.M.A. Danby
  • Spherical astronomy by Robin Green
  • Text-book on spherical astronomy by William Smart
  • Computational spherical astronomy by Laurence Taff

Astronomy/Astrophysics Journals, etc

astro-ph, ADS ( UK mirror, Harvard, Strasbourg, ESO), VizieR, ApJ, AJ, PASP, MNRAS, A&A Supp, A&A, Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, New Astronomy, IBVS

S&T , Astronomy Magazine, Astronomy Now, The Astronomer
Observatories etc
2MASS, AAO, ALMA, CADC, Calar Alto, Cambridge, CFHT, CTIO, ESO (Garching), GALILEO, GEMINI, GRANTECAN, (EMIR), IAC, ING, JCMT, Keck, KPNO (incl WIYN), La Silla (incl NTT), LBT, Magellan, MMT, NOAO, NOT, Palomar, ROE/ATC, STScI, Subaru, Teide, UKIRT, VATT (Vatican Advanced Tech Tel), VLA, VLBA, VLT

Other Recommended Sites

Layman's Guide to Naming Stars

Daniel Golombek article on Optical and UV Astronomy in the Internet Age

NASA/JPL's solar system simulator - a spyglass on the cosmos

Scientific American - Ask the Experts : Astronomy

Sten Odenwald's "The Astronomy Cafe"

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