New Book on Urban and Regional Social Movements

A new multi-lingual book on Urban and Regional Social Movements is available here from the Invisible Cities Research Group:


The multilingual and interdisciplinary book Urban and Regional Social Movements includes 21 texts that explore theoretical issues of movement processes or focus on examining movements which have been developed in Greece and internationally (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, India, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey).

It is a book that aims at being constantly “under construction” and as a consequence “alive”, up-to-date and dynamic. Hence the blog was also created which will be regularly updated with new links, studies and news from various urban and regional movements around the world.

The book argues that urban and regional movements are interrelated as the regional movements are directly associated with the resistance to the looting and/or destruction of the natural commons in the name of serving a dominant uneven urban lifestyle. Thus, there is a feedback between the practices of social movements related to regional planning issues or simply to the exploitation and management of natural resources with these of urban movements.

During the last years the discussion on the urban and regional social movements has been enriched with the notion of the so-called Common Space as an interpretative approach to the recent protests, riots and uprisings shortly before and during the current global and local crisis. At the same time, the easier, faster and in a wider – often global – scale dissemination of the information about the burst and the demands of the movements, through the contemporary alternative networks of information and action, underlines the emergence of new forms of communication which will be most likely these of the movements of the 21st century.

Finally, the new urban and regional movements in which this book is interested are autonomous, massive and creative. They put themselves beyond a mere denial and confrontation to get in a collective creation and in radical changes of the space and everyday life.

Source: αόρατες πόλεις / invisible cities – ερευνητική ομάδα / research group.