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PUrSI Team at RGS-IBG 2017

Wednesday 30th August, Session 4 (16:50 – 18:30), Read Lecture Theatre, Sherfield/SALC Building

On Wednesday 30th August, PUrSI team members Joe Painter and Colin McFarlane participated in a roundtable discussion on the nature of urban transformation at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference.

The session was chaired by Joe Painter and began with an introduction to the Urban Transformations network by Michael Keith. Panellists were then invited to address the following questions, before moving to an open discussion:

• How do you understand ‘urban transformation’?
• What does it mean to transform a city? To transform urban space?
• Cities are constantly changing: is there a difference between routine, continuous urban change and more fundamental or far-reaching ‘transformation’? If so, is that related to the speed of change? Its causes? Its impacts? Something else?
• What different modes of urban transformation are evident in your research?
• Where does agency and power lie in processes of transformation? What are the different roles of institutions, social groups, economic actors, technologies and infrastructures in generating transformation?
• What are the differences between transformation as a planned or willed process and transformation as a decentralised, contingent and emergent process?
• What role does innovation, creativity, experimentation, serendipity play in urban transformation?
• How can we track transformation? What are the appropriate methodologies for studying cities undergoing transformation?

Panellists included Colin McFarlane (Durham), Beth Perry (Sheffield), Jennifer Robinson (UCL), Seth Schindler (Sheffield) and Fran Tonkiss (LSE).

A full programme listing is available here.