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Cosmoscope is a sculpture by Simeon Nelson that captures the scales of the cosmos. Simeon worked with a team of scientists, including myself, and sound and software artists Rob Goodman and Nick Rothwell, to create an amazing compaction of the scales of the universe. Simeon succeeded in compressing the factor of 100 million-billion-billion-billion in size between the cosmic horizon and molecular materials into a complicex yet simple intertwined, pulsating metal lattice.

Here’s the link to the Durham Lumiere 2017 … you can read more about Cosmoscope here on Simeon’s website.


After a successful run at the Durham Lumiere, its heading down to London for the Lumiere that starts next weekend (18-21 Jan 2018). Here I am interviewed by Simon Ings from the New Scientist, trying to explain the origin of order in the cosmos.  The video will be out soon.


Re-live the Durham 2015 Lumiere



Ross Ashton has just sent me the “official” video of the World Machine installation from Durham Lumiere 2015. If you missed out, now you can relive the experience. If you want to recreate the amazing atmosphere, you’ll need about 200,000 friends and some huge speakers to carry the depth of John Del’Nero/Isobella Waller-Brige’s amazing sound track. Giles Gasper suggests that for the complete experience,  you’ll also need a bucket of water to pour over your head while you watch… it poured with rain.

Hopefully we can bring the real thing to a dark night near you. Let me know if you have a 12th Century Cathedral that I can borrow.

The World Machine at Lumiere

The World Machine is a daring new art work for Durham Lumiere 2015.

Over the past year I’ve been putting together a study comparing understanding of the Cosmos in Ancient Greece with its understanding in Medieval times and today. It’s been great to see many of these ideas inspire the “World Machine” and major art project for the Durham 2015 Lumiere. Its been a great pleasure to work with Carlos Frenk (Institute for Computational Cosmology) and Giles Gasper (Ordered Universe Project), together with a whole team of young people, on this project. Our role has been to supply many of the images and movies that underly the artwork. The World Machine is a major collaboration between our Art and History teams, projection artist Ross Ashton, sound designer John del’Nero, and composer Isobel Waller-Bridge.