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EAGLE’s own website

The EAGLE project now has its own website.

My two summer “interns” (Sam Bancroft and Josh Borrow) have done an amazing job of creating a website to host (some of) the images that we’ve created during the EAGLE project. ┬áPlease take a look and tell me what you think!

You will find plenty of cool images and movies to down load, such as this one..


EAGLE takes off

The first EAGLE paper is now available on the astro-ph archive. It will tell you everything you wanted to know about the project (and more probably more!).  Most importantly, it sets out the project philosophy and shows just how much the simulated universe looks like the real one.


This plot counts the numbers of galaxies of different masses. It compares the main Eagle simulation (the dark blue line) to previous work (the other lines) and observational data (the fray points)… you’re meant to see that EAGLE fits the data really well – it captures both the flat part (similar numbers of galaxies with masses to our Milky Way galaxy and with mass 10 times smaller), and the exponential break at higher masses (galaxies much larger than our own are incredibly rare). EAGLE is a huge step forward compared to previous work. There are many more comparisons like this in the paper.

Here’s the paper’s abstract…. Continue reading EAGLE takes off