Robert Coe is Professor of Education and Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), Durham University.

CEM is the largest educational research centre in a UK university and has provided assessment and monitoring systems to many thousands of schools since 1983. CEM aims to help educators improve educational outcomes measurably by creating the best assessments in the world, by empowering teachers with information for self-evaluation and by promoting evidence-based practices and policies, based on scientific evaluation. Around a million children take CEM assessments every year in more than 50 countries; we are the largest provider of computer-adaptive assessments outside the US.

Before embarking on an academic career, Rob was a teacher of mathematics, with experience in a wide range of secondary schools and colleges. His research is also wide ranging, but focuses on ways of using evaluation and assessment to improve learning. Particular interests include: evaluation methodology; Evidence-Based Education and the involvement of practitioners in research; school effectiveness and improvement, including the methodology of school effectiveness research; the use and effects of feedback, especially in performance monitoring information systems; and the statistical comparability of examinations in different subjects and over time.

Rob is a co-author of the Education Endowment Foundationís Teaching and Learning Toolkit and its DIY Evaluation Guide for teachers. He is a member of Ofqualís Standards Advisory Group. He has been a member of policy or technical advisory groups for organisations including The Sykes Commission on Assessment, Department for Education, AQA, Pearson, Cambridge Colloquium on Educational Assessment, The Curriculum Centre, and the Teacher Development Trust. He is regularly invited to provide advice and expertise on assessment to government and opposition ministers and to the Education Select Committee.