Images from ‘Dragon Tales at Prior’s Hall’

Here are some images from the recent ‘Dragon Tales at Prior’s Hall’ event, held in the Prior’s Hall in Durham Cathedral on 17 June. REED North-East would like to thank all of the staff, performers, volunteers and attendees (and of course the dragons!) for making this event such a success. All photo credits: Michael Baker.

Flower of the Month: More Evidence of Boy Bishops in Durham

The custom of choosing a boy to act as ‘Bishop’ for one or more days each year, often with a considerable element of parody, was familiar throughout western Europe in the later Middle Ages. The Boy Bishop of Durham was chosen from among the children of the Almonry School, founded around 1340, whose schoolroom was […]

REED Pre-Pub Launch: Records from the Durham Cathedral Treasurer’s Books

REED: Durham editors are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘pre-pub’ records from the post-Reformation accounts of Durham Cathedral. After the death of the first dean (and last prior), Hugh Whitehead, in 1548, Durham had a succession of strongly protestant deans, one of whom, William Whittingham, dean 1563-79, had even spent some years in […]

Pre-pub records from Durham Priory: the Feretrar’s Accounts

REED: Durham editors John McKinnell and Mark Chambers are pleased to announce the launch of the latest collection of records from Durham: the Durham Priory Feretrars’ Accounts. The ‘Feretrar’ (Medieval Latin feretrarius, from feretrum) was the officer-monk in charge of the shrine of St. Cuthbert and relics related to the saint – for their upkeep and maintenance, […]

Launch of the Durham Priory Locelli Records

REED: Durham editors John McKinnell and Mark Chambers are very pleased to announce the launch of the pre-publication records from the Durham Priory locelli. The designation locelli (from Latin locellus, lit. ‘a little place’) originally referred to boxes or chests in which important documents were stored. Now referring to a category of important Priory documents, the Durham locelli contain […]

Epiphanytide in Medieval Durham

The Feast of Epiphany celebrates the revelation of God’s earthly presence to the Gentiles, through the revelation of the Christ-child to the Magi: et ecce stella quam viderant in oriente antecedebat eos usque dum veniens staret supra ubi erat puer videntes autem stellam gavisi sunt gaudio magno valde et intrantes domum invenerunt puerum cum Maria […]

Flower of the Month: Celebrating Corpus Christi in Medieval Durham

Today, 15 June, is the Feast of Corpus Christi. This feast, traditionally celebrating the ‘Body of Christ’ represented by the bread and wine of the sacrament of Communion, has been a highlight of the Christian calendar for nearly 700 years, and is still the premier feast day following the celebration of Easter. Special services will […]

Photos from ‘Theatrum Mundi’

The 2016 SITM/REED North-East Colloquium and ‘Theatrum Mundi’ play festival took place in Durham last week and proved a great success. We at REED N-E would like to thank all participants, performers, producers, directors and well-wishers for a wonderful experience with some truly memorable early drama on display. Here are some images of some of […]

Flower of the Month: Thomas Fatuus gets replaced by a monkey!

The prior of Durham Priory was, for much of the medieval period, a very powerful religous figure who guided the monastery with the piety and seriousness required by the Benedictine Rule. However, this doesn’t mean that, on occasion, he wasn’t open to some levity:  we have records of Durham priors employing professional fools (jesters, ‘fatui’, […]