Flower of the Month: More Evidence of Boy Bishops in Durham

The custom of choosing a boy to act as ‘Bishop’ for one or more days each year, often with a considerable element of parody, was familiar throughout western Europe in the later Middle Ages. The Boy Bishop of Durham was chosen from among the children of the Almonry School, founded around 1340, whose schoolroom was […]

More Photos from ‘Theatrum Mundi’

Here are some more photos from the Theatrum Mundi performances in Durham, 7-12 July 2016:                                               For more images from the performances, check out the Theatrum Mundi website at http://community.dur.ac.uk/theatrum.mundi/index.php/the-plays/  

Harrowing of Hell rehearsals

Rehearsals are gearing up for tomorrow night’s opening of “the oldest play in Britain”:  Lindisfarne’s Anglo-Saxon Harrowing of Hell! Come join us in St. Oswald’s for the world premier, and an exciting double-bill with Prior Lawrence of Durham’s medieval play of the Peregrini (‘Pilgrims’). Here are a few early (rather grainy) photos: