What is my lecturer doing?

I sometimes get the impression that my students, especially undergrads, don't actually know what it is that I do, outside of when they see me in lecture, tutorial, or at office hours. The topic sometimes comes up obliquely, such as when I reply on Monday morning to an email sent Friday evening and explain why I don't respond to emails over the weekend. It sometimes comes up more directly, when I have to reschedule a seminar because I'll be away at a conference, and particularly when I'm talking to students whom I know are considering an academic career, I try to talk about what it is that I do, so that they have a clearer picture of what they are actually considering. But sometimes I have occasionally wished to have a simple list of "What is my lecturer doing?" that I could point them to. I finally decided to create one. It is divided into four parts: What is my lecturer doing on a weekday? What is my lecturer doing in the evening? What is my lecturer doing on the weekend? What is my lecturer doing during term break/summer vacation?

I would love to expand these lists. Are you a university lecturer (permanent or not, at any level)? What do you do outside of lecturing, tutoring, and holding office hours that you wish your students knew you did? Please send me an email, and I will add your activities to the list.

If you're a student, don't let this list put you off from contacting your lecturer or asking to meet with him or her! But if you don't get an immediate response, pick your favorite reason off the list as an explanation why not.

It is a weekday. What is my lecturer doing?

It is after 5:00pm. What is my lecturer doing?

It is a weekend. What is my lecturer doing?

It is term break/summer vacation. What is my lecturer doing?

This page was last updated 26 September 2016. Most of the contributions are my own (I'm a lecturer in philosophy, married with one kid); other contributions have come from a lecturer in philosophy, with a partner and no kid; a senior lecturer in business; a senior lecturer in law.